Financing the sewerage

The laying of sewers is part of the municipalities' basic missions, particularly within the framework of public health.

When the SPGE was created in 1999, only treatment plants and main sewers were financed as part of its mission of household wastewater sanitation.

But unlike in the past, sewers do not simply drain rainwater and household wastewater away. They have become the first step in our sanitation so as to carry wastewater to treatment plants.

Furthermore, the European Directive of 1991 imposed us compliance of sanitation in our agglomerations of 2,000 PE and more. Such compliance obviously aims for the existence of a treatment (with treatment plants), as well as the collection of wastewater, that is, the completion of sewer networks.

In 2003, financing the sewerage works was included in the missions of the SPGE. An agglomeration contract, later called sewerage contract, was therefore set up.

This mechanism confirms the SPGE as investor in public health, charged with passing the sanitation true-cost on to the consumer, according to the principle polluter pays.