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The Société Publique de Gestion de l'Eau (SPGE, Public Water Management Company) is a public limited company set up by the Walloon Region in 1999.

Its main mission is to take care of the coordination and the financing of the water sector in Wallonia.

Together with the other water collaborators, it primarily deals with wastewater sanitation (from the sewer to the water treatment plant) and catchment protection.


The SPGE is listening to you. Don't hesitate to send us your questions concerning our activities and the water management in Wallonia. Our team will make sure to answer as soon as possible.

Contact us:

By email: info@spge.be

By mail: Rue des écoles 17-19, 4800 VERVIERS, Belgium

By phone: 0032/

By fax: 0032/81.251.946