Who are we?

Name: SPGE - Société publique de Gestion de l'Eau (Public Water Management Company)

Legal form: public limited company set up by the Walloon Region in 1999.

Shareholding: mixed shareholding.

Share capital: the share capital is made up of A, B, C and D-shares.

Headquarters: the headquarter is located in Namur.

The SPGE's organs and contractual relations: general introduction

  • The SPGE's Management Board: the Management Board adopts strategic decisions within the management contract concluded with the Walloon Government. It is made up of a president, two vice-presidents and members. To know the composition of the Management Board, click here (14,437 kb).


  • The SPGE's Executive Committee: the Executive Committee implements the decisions adopted by the Management Board. It is currently made up of a president and two vice-presidents.


  • The government commissioners: they are 2 and take part to the Management Board and the General Meetings, with no voting right. They are entitled with bringing the needed precisions regarding the management contract and the missions delegated by the Walloon Government.


  • The Board of Editors: they are 4; they check and testify the sound financial management of the SPGE.


  • The Experts Committee: made up of 16 representatives of the different water sectors (4 per sector and 4 alternate members; 2 appointed by the Walloon Government and 2 alternate members; 2 appointed by the UVCW and their 2 alternate members). It helps the SPGE with its missions.


  • The Assessment Board: made up of 8 people, its mission is to assess the SPGE's performance on the basis of bi-annual scoreboards and of the annual report related to the company's management results.


  • The Water Control Committee: made up of 22 effective members and 14 alternate members, its general mission is to make sure that the evolution of the water price and the water policy conducted by the Walloon Region are oriented towards the public interest.


  • The SPGE's organisation chart: more than forty colleagues work at the SPGE.