Collaboration with the ONEE (Morocco)

Actions 2011 – 2012

Since 2011, the SPGE is responsible, on behalf of the SWDE and the Belgian technical cooperation, for several trainings of executives of the ONEE (Office National de l'Énergie et de l'Eau potable, i.e. national board of energy and drinking water).

Up to now, these trainings were about:

  • the social accomplishment of sanitation projects;

  • the information and awareness about water saving and preservation.

Actions  2013 – 2015

A 2013-2015 programme is being finalised with three main training/exchange themes:

  • Sanitation planning and establishment of an “information system for sanitation projects planning and management” (SIPGA)
  • Communication applied to the water sector.
  • Process of setting up an integrated water resources management (GIRE).