SPGE : Public Water Management Company

?Nouveau document?The Société Publique de Gestion de l'Eau (SPGE, Public Water Management Company) is a public limited company set up by the Walloon Region in 1999. Its main mission is to take care of the coordination and the financing of the water sector in Wallonia. Together with the other water collaborators, it primarily deals with wastewater sanitation (from the sewer to the water treatment plant) and catchment protection.

Key numbers - Wallonia

437 Number of existing treatment plants
183 Number of agglomerations of 2,000 p.e. and more
39 Number of agglomerations of 10,000 p.e. and more

Water treatment plants recently put into service

Name Capac.(p.e.) Sub-basin Date of entry into use
WARCHIN 7.000 ESCAUT-LYS 20/01/2016
RENDEUX 1.980 OURTHE 07/10/2015
ORGEO 1.080 SEMOIS-CHIERS 17/08/2015